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Propoxylation Reaction Technology

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The propoxylation technology is carried out in a unique designed reactor called the PROPOX Loop Reactor. This reactor incorporates the design of a high performance agitator together with the HH Jet Mixer.

The PROPOX Loop Reactor was developed to handle the high growth ratio and high viscosities which are typical for high molecular weight polyols. In addition to this the reactor is suited for high product qualities and high safety standards to contain a runaway reaction without the need to install a large underground catch tank.

Typical propoxylates that are manufactured in the PROPOX Loop Reactor are:

  • Polyether Polyols
  • Glycol Ether Polyols
  • Flexible and Rigid Polyols from low to high molecular weights
  • PPGs
  • BisPhenol A Propoxylates
  • Block EO/PO Copolymers
  • Random EO/PO Copolymers

The HH Loop Reactor design is characterized by:

High Pressure Reactor Design 25 barg or 360 psig
High Productivity 4 to 8 batches per day depending upon product
High Growth Ratio industrially designed over 1 to 200
High Ethylene Oxide Addition Rate 1,000 kg/hr m3
High Propylene Oxide Addition Rate    600 kg/hr m3