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Fatty Acids, Fatty Amines, Nitriles

More than 70 loop reactors are in operation for the production of fatty acids and derivatives with batch capacities of 1 to 50 tonnes. The HH Loop Reactor is the core for all of the following fatty acid derivatives processes.
chart fatty acids fatty amines nitriles

NOTE: partial and full saturation of oil and fats. The loop reactor was adopted due to its simplicity in changing products from batch to batch, batch flexibility, high yields, reduced nickel content in the final product, suitability for ruthenium catalyst, selectivity, highest batches per day capacity, heat recovery and steam generation, high safety standards and reproducibility.

Production of Distilled Tallow Fatty Acid Nitrile

Product Specification Nitrile undistilled Nitrile distilled
Free Fatty Acid FFA (%)
Soap and Amides (%)
Amides IR (%)

Plant Area
Production Mode
Reaction Time
Batched per day

Productivity Data for the Production of Fatty Acid Derivatives

Product Batches Per Day Batch Size
in Tons/Batch
Daily Capacity
Nitriles 4-5 5-50 20-250
Primary Amines 6 5-15 30-90
Secondary Amines >6 5-15 30-90
Tertiary Amines 4 5-15 20-60
Diamines 3 5-15 15-45