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Hydrogenation of Oils and Fats

More than 80 loop reactors are in operation for the partial and full saturation of oil and fats. The loop reactor was adopted due to its easeness in changing products from batch to batch, batch flexibility, high yields, reduced nickel content in the final product, suitability for ruthenium catalyst, selectivity, highest batches per day capacity, heat recovery and steam generation, high safety standards and reproducability.

  • Typically hydrogenation of refined Oils to Shortening or margarine (Sunflower and Soy) takes 8 Batches per day
  • Typically hydrogenation of fishoil takes 6 to 7 batches per day
  • The reduction of 80 IV takes approx. 215 min.
  • The reduction of 120 IV takes approx. 240 min.
  • Energy Consumption for plants:
  • Larger 5 tonne is 12.5 KWh/to and IV reduction 100
  • Smaller 5 tonne is 15 KWh/to and IV reduction 100
  • Cooling water requirements: Per IV reduction and tonne of oil it is necessary to remove 4186 kJ
  • Hydrogen consumption is 0.88 Nm3/ tonne of oil