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Nitroaromatic Reductions

Catalytic hydrogenation of aromatic and aliphatic nitro-compounds is widely used to produce amines as important intermediates for the chemical industry. These intermediates are used for dyestuff, rubber chemicals, polyurethanes, agrochemicals, pharmaceuticals, photo chemicals, optical brighteners and other specialty chemicals.

HHT supplies special designed loop reactors for amine producers to gain competitiveness in the global market through a flexible, safe and cost effective industrial processing technology. The technology incorporates the lessons learned from over 30 loop reactors that were designed for this application. The key technology feature is the low consumption of catalyst, high mass transfer rates, large heat removal capacity for the extreme exothermic reactions that so often have caused mechanical problems in conventional stirred reactors and advanced reactors such as Biazzi, and Ekato reactors, and catalyst filtration and catalyst recycling concepts.

Typical products manufactured are:

  • anilines
  • toluidines
  • anisidines
  • chloro-anilines
  • di-chloro-anilines
  • chloro-fluoro-anilines
  • phenylen-diamines
  • amino-phenols

and many others.