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Continuous Loop Reactor

For those reaction chemistries where the reaction kinetics are extremely fast, HHT has developed the CONTI HH Loop Reactor. This special design enables to achieve in relatively very small volumetric reactors of only 1 or 2 m3 (300 to 500 gal) capacities well in excess of 100,000 MTPY ( 220 MM lbs/year).

The CONTI HH Loop Reactor is a unique design characterized by its simplicity of an external Jet Mixer followed by a small drum reactor, an external loop pump, an external shell and tube heat exchanger and an open tube cross-flow filter to continuously remove the product manufactured inside the CONTI HH Loop Reactor.

The CONTI HH Loop Reactor is best suited for reactions such as:

Operating Parameters

  •  Nitro-Toluidine to the Amino-Toluidine
  • Aldehyde to the Oxoalcohol