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The HH Loop Reactor is suited for transesterification with sodiummethylate catalyst primarily due to its smooth temperature control and the implementation of a closed gas loop circuit. The gas loop circuit operates through the HH Jet Mixer, which is able to move the reactor’s headspace at high rates through inline condensers, thus removing the reaction water and shifting the chemical equilibrium to the desired product.

Esterification plants range from 50 to 500 tons per day capacity.

The primary HH Loop Reactor advantages are:

  • High mass transfer rates
  • Less soap formation
  • High heat removal capacity
  • Reduced risk by safe handling of sodiummethylate
  • Reduced overall reaction time
  • High yield
  • High batch reproducibility

The plant is suited for making:

  • Vegetable oil and base catalyst to Alkylesters
  • Animal fat and base catalyst to Alkylesters
  • Algae oil and base catalyst to Alkylesters