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Batch Stirred Reactor Design

HH Technology designs also batch stirred reactor by incorporating the design of high performance agitators. The overall mass transfer rates tend to be lower than in a HH Loop Reactor due to the power input limitations of stirred reactor and due to the limited heat removal capacity. To compensate for this HHT designs either an external heat exchanger to allow for higher heat removal capacities or work with special internal coil designs that achieve a high overall U coefficient.

HHT designs state of the art stirred reactors to meet:

  • Safety standard for high and low pressure designs
  • GMP if required
  • Clean in place (CIP) design, easy cleaning of all internal parts
  • No dead space
  • Suitable for liquid/liquid and gas liquid solid reactions such as Esterifications, Hydrogenations, Chlorinations, Phosgneations, Oxidations, Carbonylations, Alkylations, Aminations, Propoxylations, Polyol Polyether, Brominations, etc.
  • Plants capacity up to 100m3, 150 bar and 350°C operating conditions
  • Batch or continuous operation
  • For endo- or exothermic processes
  • Scale up and process guarantees on client’s developed process or provided data
  • Arrangements for toll manufacturing (production sizes 1 to 10 m3)
  • Custom tailored plants
  • Modularized reactor, filtration, evaporation and solvent recovery designs
  • EPCm project support