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Process Simulation Engineering Service

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We conduct complex process system analysis by utilizing the Aspen Suite. The programs we use and their functions include:

  • Aspen PLUSTM to develop alternative process models for timely evaluations comprising automatic sequences and convergence methods.
  • Within Aspen PLUS™ most recent version are the capability to do AZEOTROPIC SEARCH and DISTILLATION SYNTHESIS. These features were previously available through SPLIT that has been replaced but continues to be used to develop solutions to complex separation requirements utilizing the power of residue curves analysis to eliminate infeasible regions study.
  • Aspen EXCHANGER DESIGN AND RATING to design, optimize, rate and simulate shell and tube heat exchangers; plate and frame exchangers; air cooled exchangers and plant and fin exchangers.
  • Aspen DYNAMICS to quickly study the ability of a system to respond to external changes which may be planned or unplanned.
  • Aspen Batch Process Developer previously named BATCH PLUS® to study recipe oriented modeling environment that incorporates optimization of equipment utilization and reporting capabilities.
  • Aspen Batch Modeler to simulate batch distillation processes.
  • Aspen Economic Analyzer to develop total installed costs for a process system or total process flow sheet.
  • SuperPro Designer for Pharmaceutical, Biochemical, Food, Packaging, Water Purification, Waste Water Treatment and Air Pollution Control Processes.